Another Major Market On Verge of Closing Down

The regulation around the world of gambling is tightening up around the globe. Australia is the latest major market to introduce a new gambling bill, which would limit players’ freedom of choice. Currently Australians – just like Canadians – can choose where they place their stakes.

Closed Market On The Way

If the new bill passes, operators are required an Australian license to continue to offer casino gaming, wagering on horses, and sports betting for Aussies. They have previously as well needed an Australian license, but offshore companies still accepted Aussies, as the companies weren’t subject to any penalties. The situation is familiar to us as well, as we also live in a licensed market, but offshore betting companies have no trouble accepting Canadian customers.

Are We Next?

Currently, we can choose where we place our bets in. Average Joe can place his bets with any operator without being prosecuted, but it is a gray area for the operator to be accepting Canadian gamblers. As avid sports bettors and casino players, we do appreciate the freedom of choice which is currently given to us. If a similar bill passed here what looks like a slam dunk in Australia, players would be put in a worse position. Now we can choose from the best operators, best odds and best promotions.

It’s far from certain things will continue as they are now. For the time being, we can just sit back and enjoy our freedom. isn’t expecting a change in the near future, but in the world of online but in the world of online gambling, things can change quickly.

Only recently Bill C-211 was introduced to allow single-event sports betting at operators who hold a Canadian license. Inexplicably, the bill failed at the House of Commons, putting Canadian licensed operators in disadvantage against their offshore counterparts. Allowing single-event sports betting offshore remains a significant competitive advantage for the Malta or Kahnawake based companies.

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