Trump’s Victory Unlikely to Aid US Online Players

Currently in United States sports betting and casino gaming is illegal. Online poker is allowed in some states such as New Jersey, but other forms of gambling remain banned. With the new president-elect Donald Trump about to take charge in the Oval Office, not much is expected to change.

Casino Mogul Sheldon Adelson Behind Trump

Sheldon Adelson is a long-time owner of large brick-and-mortar casinos, such as Sands in Las Vegas. Adelson is a true casino magnate, as he’s amassed a fortune of over thirty billion dollars according to Wikipedia.

For the time online gaming has been around, Adelson has been an active opponent of online gambling. For Adelson, online gaming is a true enemy, as it takes players away from his brick-and-mortar casinos to the online game. Adelson isn’t keen on starting online ventures at his advanced age of 83, so he has taken the path of much resistance.

In his latest endeavor, he backed Trump’s campaign in the tune of 25 million dollars. For him, it’s pocket money, but it made Adelson the biggest donor to Trump’s campaign.

No End In Sight For US Online Gambling Ban

With Adelson-backed Trump now in the fold, it’s safe to say not much is going to happen online casino gaming legislation. The US market won’t open to offshore operators, and the gambling operators are too afraid to start accepting US players after what happened on Black Friday.

But it has become the norm in the US for everyone to have their bookie. If you want to bet, you can place a bet even if you don’t live in Nevada, where sports betting is legal. Money bleeds from the US to “illegal” operators and not much can be done about it.

For now, it seems like it’s business as usual in the United States. We can only hope we’re not in the same situation one day. Maybe Canada is the true Land of the Free, after all?

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