What are the Heaviest Bet Sports in Canada?

For Canadians, there’s naturally one major sport which trumps everything else: NHL. After the NHL, there’s a large gap before the next heaviest bet games. We enjoy betting on the CFL and NFL, but the low amount of games keeps the numbers quite low in comparison to major leagues where there are a lot more games.

NHL is the King

It should come as no surprise that NHL is by far the heaviest bet in the country. According to Masonmedia.ca’s gambling industry sources, the pecking order currently is:

  1. NHL
  2. MLB
  3. Gridiron (CFL, NFL, NCAA)

The sheer number of games aid MLB’s cause. 162 games in a regular season allow players plenty of options, and having a Canadian team in the major league is naturally a boon for the interest of baseball over here.

The gap between MLB and gridiron leagues isn’t nearly as big as it is for NHL and NBA. However, the gap after football is gigantic to the next ones – lacrosse, rugby and golf.

UFC and eSports Betting on the Rise

The growing interest in MMA and eSports are also showing at the bookies. UFC has gained steam, especially within the last two years, as UFC’s profile has kept rising all over the globe. UFC still isn’t close to the Big Three, but the growing media coverage is helping UFC to become more popular in the world of sports betting as well.

eSports is another newcomer to keep an eye on. The eSports crowd is still on the younger side, but especially Counter Strike GO’s Majors have started to rev up the betting revenue. Also, League of Legends has drawn heavy interest, as evidenced by the sold out Air Canada Center in October. Still, it is safe to say CS: GO has the most potential of the eSports scene in the public eye, as the sport of shooting virtual terrorists is easy for the common man to understand.

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